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Why Slam Dunk?

There are many ways to own a racehorse. Within the industry, one of the most common ways to own a racehorse is through a racing partnership. Although, there are many partnerships to choose from Slam Dunk Racing distinguishes itself apart from others with these five attributes:

1. Integrity: At Slam Dunk Racing, you will always get the truth and there will never be any sacrifice with regards to the horse. Transparency will always be put at a premium. 

2. Knowledge: Nick Cosato, managing partner of Slam Dunk Racing, has 30+ years of experience in the horse racing industry. He served as an agent in Southern California for several leading jockeys, such as : Patrick Valenzuela, Victor Espinoza, Corey Nakatani, Garrett Gomez, and Michael Baze. He knows the condition book inside and out. This gives Slam Dunk a decisive edge against our competition when not only placing our horses but also in selecting the right trainer to maximize the horse's potential. Nick's knowledge is unparalleled on the backside as well as the frontside.

3. Winning: In just 6 short years, Slam Dunk Racing has established themselves as one of  horse racing's premier partnerships.  Partners choose Slam Dunk for many reasons; however, one of the most influential factors is Slam Dunk's striking win rate.  Since SDR's inception, the partnership has won 22 graded stakes races throughout the country and boasts a career win percentage of 23%.   

Slam Dunk has also enjoyed success with European imports, purchasing two multiple graded stakes winners from Europe in millionaire, Beau Recall & Madam Dancealot. The team at SDR is continuously searching for the next European horse who's style would be best suited in the states. If this style of horse appeals to you and you'd like to be part of the next one, contact us at so we can get you on the Slam Dunk Team.

4. The Experience: We place a premium on winning while keeping focus on the enjoyment that the game can bring. With that being said the horse 's well being never takes a back seat. The horse always comes first whenever a decision is made. Whenever one of our partners makes it out in the afternoon for a race, the finest accommodations are always  provided for them such as: passes, box seats and reservations.  And as far as the mornings go, not only do we love to see our partners out in the morning......we welcome it!

5. Customer Service: Slam Dunk is dedicated to making sure our partners have the best experience possible. In order to maximize the experience of ownership, it is essential to be informed consistently. No matter if at auction, the stable or the racetrack our partners are given weekly updates on what their horses are doing and what the future holds for them. 

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